SUSTAIN® is more than a cup—it’s a turn-key solution. We know that even great product gets stale, so we’ve designed various “cadences” to keep the product experience fresh! The cups and the POS are seen to be refreshed on a roughly quarterly/seasonal basis to accommodate new visual and functional designs. SUSTAIN® is constantly innovating and evolving our offering, and consumers should come to expect something new from us on a regular basis.

Beyond the product itself, the coffeeshop experience can and should also follow a promotional cadence. While it is recommended that coffeeshops simply give a 25-cent discount on the reuse of SUSTAIN® cups, many other promotions may make sense for your coffeeshop. Temporary discounts or upsells (e.g. 16oz for the 12oz price) may be given to a particular SUSTAIN® cup color or design (until the end of a specified period), and a new product update may then coincide with a new marketing campaign.

In the next few months ahead, our Marketing team will be providing a myraid of promotional options with specifics as to how they’ll work with our product refresh cycles. Please check back again for this content as we near our official launch in March 2014.