Product Launch Coming Soon…

At this time, SUSTAIN® products are not yet available for order. Our official launch date is in March 2014, at CoffeeFest in New York, and again at SCAA in Seattle in April. Our entire hot cup portfolio will be available for order at this time, including 8, 12, 16, and 20-ounce sizes. Please contact us at to inquire about pre-ordering your preferred size and initiating the process of getting us your logo, order quantity, etc. In special cases, we may be able to provide a 16-ounce solution before March.

$1 Wholesale, $2 Retail

SUSTAIN® products are priced at $1 to the CoffeeShop, independent of size, and it is recommended that the cups are retailed at $2 MSRP (for a 100% mark-up). This price includes the cost of printing your CoffeeShop’s logo (in up to 8-colors). A lead-time of 2-3 months may be needed to secure and approve artwork, and initiate manufacturing on your specific run. It is recommended that the CoffeeShop reward consumers who bring in their SUSTAIN® cups with a 25-cent discount on their drink.
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With Marketing Support

SUSTAIN® cups come with marketing support. Your first order will ship with a “G2M Playbook”, a small booklet with best practices for taking your SUSTAIN® cup to market. We also supply point-of-sale (POS) signage to help your customers learn about SUSTAIN® when it matters most—just before placing their drink order. Additionally, we offer collection bins for recycling SUSTAIN® cups, and encourage your coffeeshop to play a role in collecting cups at the end of their useful life. These bins have an integrated mailing solution for simple return of the cups to our facilities to be reformed into new cups.
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  • Volume: 16oz (with room for cream; it’s just over 16oz to the lip)
  • Height: 5.3” (cup only), 5.8” (cup with lid)
  • Width: 3.6” (cup only, at lip), 3.8” (lid)
  • Wall Thickness: 1mm
  • Maximum Logo Dimensions: 22mm from lip, 25mm from base (subject to change)
  • Material: Polypropylene (#5 PP Plastic), virgin, 4.5 grams with lid, to be transitioned to 100% eCycle2, our proprietary post-industrial recycled PP, sometime in 2014 [more info on our material strategy]
  • Colors: TBD, besides white, there will be a small selection of core seasonal colors
  • Manufacturing: China (in our jointly-owned, ethically operated factory, to be transitioned to local continental manufacturing when demand allows)
    [more info on our path to closed-loop]

Quantity order breaks

  • Minimum order quantity at this time is 600 cups, enough for a single-door operation to last 2 months (this MOQ is subject to change, but we seek to supply the independent market)
  • Preferred MOQ is 6,000 units (1 pallet), enough for a 10-door chain to last 2 months
  • Volume discounts start for orders >1m units (yes, 1 million units)
  • Unique forms/textures available for orders >5m units