Press Releases

October 4, 2013 – SUSTAIN® (, a new brand from Pacific Market International (PMI), announces the release of our innovative reusable and recyclable coffee cups at Coffee Fest Seattle where SUSTAIN®  was awarded first place in the Best New Product competition.  The SUSTAIN® cup line will soon be available for only $2 retail at independent coffee shops all over the country.  These new cups represent the lowest price-point on the market for a high-quality reusable cup branded with the coffee shop’s logo. Almost one year ago, PMI introduced the reusable cup to the market with over 10 million being sold to date.

Today, SUSTAIN® is poised to make a broad impact on our wasteful behavior. Every year, Americans alone consume 100 billion cups of coffee, of which a quarter is served in disposable paper cups. Over 70% of our coffee consumption is part of a daily routine. Most paper cups are not recycled and we put 16 billion into landfills annually. Why do we continue to engage in such irresponsible behavior?! Our goal at SUSTAIN® is to encourage behavior change—away from single-use disposables to reusables. A Life Cycle Analysis of our SUSTAIN® cup shows SUSTAIN® to have 50% less impact than a paper cup after only 10 uses.

When it comes to function for the price, SUSTAIN® out-performs every alternative on the market. Our durable PP (polypropylene) plastic is high-quality, FDA-compliant food-safe, stain-resistant, dishwasher and microwave safe, and BPA-free. However, SUSTAIN® is more than a cup—it’s a complete go-to-market solution! We offer a branded cup, with ongoing promotion support, as well as in-store recycling bins and return-mailing service back to our factory. And we make replenishment easy and exciting with seasonal colors and/or prints, and refreshed promotions. At SUSTAIN® we envision a cradle-to-cradle world where products are recovered, recycled and converted into new products. Help us (re)make your next cup!  Help SUSTAIN® our planet with SUSTAIN®