What is SUSTAIN® and why is it different?

SUSTAIN® is a co-branded, reusable and recyclable cup that offers coffee shops the opportunity to promote their company while reducing their environmental footprint. At $2 MSRP, SUSTAIN® cups offer customers an inexpensive alternative to disposable paper cups and provide coffee retailers a 100% margin.

Why use plastics at all?

SUSTAIN® cups are durable, reusable, and recyclable. Polypropylene, the plastic used to make SUSTAIN®, offers a safe alternative to disposable materials and allows us to create products that divert unnecessary waste from landfills.

How do we improve plastic recovery?

As designers and manufacturers, we believe that one of the best ways to improve plastic recovery is to create recyclable products. SUSTAIN® cups are only made from Polypropylene, a recyclable #5 plastic. We plan to offer coffee shops collection bins to recycle SUSTAIN® cups with the goal of making new cups from the recovered plastic.

Is the Polpropylene plastic in SUSTAIN® healthy?

We are committed to manufacturing healthy products in an ethical manner. SUSTAIN® cups are made from Polypropylene (PP), a safe plastic that is not known to leach. PP is an ideal plastic for food and beverage containers, and is used in a wide variety of food-contact products. SUSTAIN® cups are FDA-compliant, food safe and BPA-free. If you have more questions regarding the health and safety of SUSTAIN® cups, please email pmi.csr@pmi-worldwide.com

Is the manufacturing process for SUSTAIN® cups safe for workers?

As our business continues to grow, we are equally committed to growing the work of Corporate Responsibility. Concentrating on Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) positively affects our entire supply chain. When employees have safe and healthy work environments, they are able to make high quality products that are safe and enjoyable for consumers to use. Our commitment to responsible and ethical manufacturing drives our sourcing practices. Since we implemented our Code of Conduct in 1998, we have worked with our suppliers towards continuous improvement. We ensure that people who produce our products are treated with dignity and respect in a safe and healthy work environment. To learn more about our manufacturing facilities and sustainability efforts, please visit our Corporate Social Responsibility page.

How does the environmental impact of a SUSTAIN® cup compare to a paper cup?

See our write-up on the environmental benefits of SUSTAIN®, which includes details from our internal Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). SUSTAIN® cups have 50% less impact to the environment than 10 equivalent paper cups after only 10 uses. SUSTAIN® cups are break-even (meaning the same impact to the environment) after only 4 uses.

Why should I switch from paper cups to SUSTAIN®?

SUSTAIN® cups allow coffee shops to reduce the environmental impact of their operations by reducing the amount of single-use disposable cups destined for landfills. Additionally, coffee shops stand to gain from business benefits including top line revenues from the sale of SUSTAIN® cups and the awareness and loyalty lift from branded cups.

How many to-go beverages are sold today in reusable cups? Disposable?

According to a major coffee retailer, almost 2% of drinks are sold in reusable cups—or 98% in disposables. If Americans consume nearly 25 billion cups per year to-go, “only” 500 million are served in reusables, while a jaw-dropping 24.5 billion are served in disposable paper cups. As a society, we can do better than this! Get SUSTAIN® and stop using paper cups!

Is there a benefit for my business to sell SUSTAIN® cups?

See our write-up on the business benefits of SUSTAIN®, which includes more details on sales revenues, branding value (in terms of increased loyalty and brand awareness, and operational efficiencies (including decreased inventory and waste removal costs).

How much do SUSTAIN® cups cost?

SUSTAIN® cups cost $1 each with a minimum order of 6,000 units (may be modified in coming months). This price includes the printing of one major logos/screen in up to 8-colors. More printing locations and colors may incur an additional cost. We recommend an MSRP of $2, providing coffee shops a 100% margin.

How much lead time do you need to make branded SUSTAIN® cups?

We anticipate SUSTAIN® cups take about 3 months to receive after an order has been placed, including the receipt and approval of on-cup artwork, branding, and any other messaging. Any degree of customization beyond items in our catalog (pending completion for our March sales launch) will require additional design and tooling time, in addition to a significant minimum order quantity (i.e. hundreds of thousands or millions of units).