About Us

SUSTAIN® is a new product/system offering a (co-)branded, quality reusable product at a never-seen-before price-point for reusables! We exist to improve the world—to change consumer behavior from disposable toward reusables. We’re a small dedicated team that’s proud to be a part of Pacific Market International (PMI), a long-standing industry leader in premium food and beverage containers, located in the Belltown area of downtown Seattle, Washington, USA.

PMI has served the Specialty Coffee industry for over a decade, developing innovative products for major coffee retailers. Almost one year ago, PMI introduced the reusable cup to the market with over 10 million being sold to date. PMI also owns the major consumer brands Aladdin and Stanley, and operates a mostly vertically-integrated business whereby we research, design, develop, and manufacture products in our own jointly-owned facilities in China. Our corporate pillars include product innovation and excellence, environmental stewardship, and social/ethical responsibility. We’re committed to superior product and superior treatment of people and our planet.

Vision (what we see possible)

  • We envision a world with sustainable systems (cradle-to-cradle, not factory-to-grave)
  • We envision a world with less waste (minimal use of single-use, disposable items)

Purpose (why we exist)

  • We exist to decrease the environmental impact of today’s (coffee drinking) experience
  • We exist to change consumer behavior: away from disposable, toward reusable

Mission (how we will succeed)

  • We will involve retail brands and their customers, developing a holistic system/solution
  • We will change the material supply chain: namely reclaiming valuable materials for reuse